Monday, November 13, 2006

Websites for Women

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I was at the Women's Fair this weekend and had a wonderful time. I picked up a couple web sites that the women out there may want to check out. Both of these are local businesses started by women and being run by them.
One is a really cute and inexpensive way to jazz up the is these are static cling decorative covers for the toilet lid. They come in many different styles including holiday ones. Check it out.

The other is They make absolutely gorgeous one of a kind jewelry,

Check these out and for more businesses started by women go to and check out the different local businesses listed there.

Many of these women are moms who are trying to help with their family income and still be home for their kids. They are very creative ideas and well worth the time to look them up.

-Paula from Akron

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Paula - Nov. Mom Squad Member said...

I actually purchased two of the toilet tattoos, one for my daughter's new house and one christmas one. They are so easy to use and are completely reusable. They would dress up a dorm bathroom or that new apartment the kids are moving into. It's an easy way to make a change without spending a lot and without worrying what the landlord may say. I found out Toilet-Tattoos will be at the IX Christmas event this next weekend, so if you are going be sure and look her up and tell her you heard about her on the MOM SQUAD site through 95.5 the Fish.