Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Colic Crisis

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My son was Colic until he was twelve months old, I remember everyone telling me it will be over in two months, three months, four months-well they were very wrong! It took me months to find all the information that finally brought a little comfort to my little boy. I went on the internet, read books, read articles and called friends. I promised myself that if I ever had the chance to share these remedies I would because there is JUST NOT ENOUGH information on Colic Crisis!

· Mylecon Drops: NO GENERIC-give the baby these drops before and after meals if needed.
· If you are a breast feeding mother-cut out ALL gassy foods and cut down on the dairy intake and NO CAFEINE (that one almost killed me).
· Nutramigen (Enfamil) formula (very expensive but so worth it) Helps the baby digest the formula better.
· Warm compresses on the babies stomach, don’t be afraid to put (a little) pressure on their belly as you rub in a circular motion.
· MAKE SURE the baby is always burped well-every one ounce if you can get it out if not every two is ok.
· SWADLE: put a receiving blanket down (triangular shape) rap on side across the baby and tuck it in, wrap other side and tuck it in (it can be a little tight) Just like when they are first born in the hospital.
· Lay the baby (ALWAYS ATTENDED) on his/hers belly on a pillow make the pillow into a log roll, gently rub and tap the babies back. Make sure their head is turned right or left. Gently sooth them with your voice as you rub. You can swaddle the baby and put them on the roll also.
· Johnson and Johnson Chamomile Soothing Bath: it’s the best puts the baby right into rest mode.
· As often as possible do exercises with the baby-roll their legs in circular motion to push out some of the gas.
· Last but not least don’t be Afraid to PRAY! Pray over the baby and the calm and peace of the lord will also help you get through.

I hope these tips help all the mothers out there going through this. May God bless you and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Marlena Adkins

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Anonymous said...

While nursing I could not eat any beef, chocolate, garlic or onions, it was very clear that these things bothered him. I also had to stay away from box prepared meals, they have so many chemicals.