Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Free Gift for You!

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Ruth Bell Graham knows about prodigals- two of her five children were spiritual wanderers, From the pain she experienced as she prayed, watched, and waited for them to return to the fold, comes this book. Throughout the writing Mrs. Graham kept in mind both the hurt and disappointment the one who wanders feels and the confusion and fear of the one who waits. To capture both sides, she recounts stories about five prodigals, interlacing them with the stories of those who loved them. Mrs. Graham also includes her own poems and diary entries written during the prodigal years of her two sons, as well as hymns and Bible verses that brought her solace.

**This book is being offered for FREE to Fish listeners!!** It is a gift from Billy Graham Ministries. To obtain your FREE copy, call: 888-7-GRAHAM

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This is awesome - thanks for sharing!