Monday, December 17, 2007


It is hard to believe that Channel 5 has been a pioneer, providing stellar programming and paving the way for other stations for 60 years. When I think back to all of the fond memories I have of the shows and broadcasters that have come and gone it touches my heart. People like Dorothy Fuldheim, Tom Field, Paige Palmer, Captain Penny, Jungle Larry and Safari Jane will never be forgotten. Mike Douglas, Bill Gordon and Fred Griffith actually created the format of the talk shows and morning shows we see today even on other networks. WEWS is known for so many FIRSTS in the industry it is truly amazing. And today, WEWS is still an innovator, providing us with the best overall News, Weather and Sports coverage with fabulous broadcasters like Leon Bibb, Danita Harris, Ted Henry and Mark Johnson. PLUS, WEWS has a magnificent Troubleshooting Team which includes Angie Lau, Joe Pagonakis and Duane Pohlman. This is a team you can trust. Take a glimpse into the history of this wonderful station. Here's to 60 more amazing years, WEWS. You are truly appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

For anyone who remembers the shows from the 50s and 60s like Captain Penny and Barnaby, is collecting memories and photos of Jungle Larry and Safari Jane.