Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Product Review: The Jump Snap

The Mom Squad tested the all-new "ropeless" jump rope from Jump Snap. The claim is that: "Serious athletes swear by it, fitness experts endorse it, and studies prove it; the Jump Snap helps burn calories and build muscle". It's also supposed to be more efficient than any other full-body workout device! With optional weights you place inside the handles, they also double as free weights. The full package with instructional DVD and carrying case, runs for about $59.99. So is it worth the price?! The Mom Squad is on a mission to find out!
videoTo get more info, check out: www.JumpSnap.com

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BEAU TALKS said...

Hi Ladies. Beau Puckett here. Loved the video of the JUMPSNAP. Actually I am producing a commercial for the product. I am working with the inventor and his staff. I think that we would like to chat with you about using the product. Drop me an email at


Thank you Keep Jumpin - BEAU PUCKETT, Associate Producer, Raymond Entertainment.