Friday, November 21, 2008


Tim & Julie of Broadview Heights asked a wonderful question and would like your help in finding local opportunities for children to experience the "true meaning of Christmas" In other words, they are looking for events where their children can volunteer, donate time, read to sick children, something that young children can do to help others. So far they have been looking online for activities, and are coming up short - other than the traditional coat donating, making care packages, etc. Their children are ages 9,7,3,1. In lieu of gifts for their extended family, they wanted to try this idea out this year. Sounds Great! Please respond by adding your comments to the Blog. Thanks so much and may all your holidays be blessed!


Mitzy said...

You could "adopt a family" through yoru local church or outreach center, you buy that family gifts for their kids and christmas dinner, that they would otherwise most likely have none.. It sure makes ya feel good!!!

Kristin said...

We have opted to cut our budget this year and only give three gifts to our daughter. Explaining that this was the same # of gifts Jesus recieved from the wisemen. Throughout the season we are explaining why this was so important and why Jesus is the reason for the season. She also knows that "Santa" is in on this and there will be no toys, but gifts she can use on a regular basis like books and clothes. So far she is ok with this and seems to be excepting of the fact that she should be happy with what she already has.