Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank You!


Saturday was our "Count it all Joy" Mom Squad luncheon. What a blessing it was! Thank you to everyone who made the event possible. Special thanks to our speakers and artists Ashley Nemeh, Praise-a-Pella, Trish Berg, and Linda Isaiah. The food was fantastic at Hartville Kitchen! A special thanks to them for hosting us. If you attended the event, we would love to hear from you. Share your feedback in the "comment" section and thanks for helping make this event so wonderful!


Trish Berg said...

Brooke- Your MOMSquad did such an amazing job at the luncheon. What a wonderful group of women you have there! What a blessing!

When I think back over the day's events, I was so blessed to be a part of the joy and worship that we shared. I enjoyed hearing Praise-apella in person. We have rocked to them in our kitchen for years, but in person they are even more amazing.

And Ashley Nemah- WOW! What a God-given voice she has.

And I got to sit next to Linda Isaiah and get to know her. What a wodnerufl speaker. She has such a connection with her audience- I ofund myself laughing one momenta nd on the verge of tears the next as she spoke directly to my own heart.

Sorry my comment is so long, but I just wanted to say thanks- and let you all know - if you were there- it wasa joy to meet you- if you missed this year's event- be sure NOT to miss it next year.

And, as we each journey through our days this holiday season, may we all COUNT IT ALL JOY!

Blessings to you- Trish Berg
Author, Speaker

Miskee said...

I had such a great and blessful time. I am also so greatful that I got meet with Brook and give her my pumpkin choc chip recipe to her in person after connecting through emails. Thanks Brooke for meeting me!! I loved it!I also brought 2 friends and one of them just came to know Jesus Christ this year! This was her very fist experience in the environment. What a joy to show her what is like to be around people who truly love the Lord! We loved the speakers and hearing the music. It was fantastic!!! Keep this going!!! The food was so devine as well!!! Thank you for your hard work and God Bless! Keep spreading the word!!! P.S. When Linda Isaih said turn to your bibles, I felt guilty because I almost brought my bible with me.
Melissa from Ravenna, Ohio

Miskee said...

I had such great and blessful journey with the Luncheon. My experience was amazing! I made a mission to meet Brooke because through emails I promised her my pumpkin choc chip recipe. And she took the time to meet and greet me. What an honor to meet a kind person! She even asked if she could post my daughters pics up on the MOMSquad site. I loved the music and the speaking! WOWOWOWOW!!! I brought my friends and on of them just came to know the Lord Jesus Christ this year. What an experience for her! She is even is wanting to go to more events like this. ANd my other friends husband is in training in the Army getting to leave for his 2nd tour to Iraq. She felt heartwarmed and loved it! Keep up the great work and spreading the God's word! We also loved music, food and the message! The price was absolutley great! God Bless you all!!
In Christ Melissa form Ravenna, Ohio

Anonymous said...

This Mom Squad Luncheon was the best! I enjoyed meeting some new women, I enjoyed Praise-a-pella, they are awesome. And I was so blessed by our speakers. The highlight of my afternoon was that my youngest daughter got to join me and we got to spend some quality time together. And after it was all over she thanked me for being such a great mom!!! I can't wait for next year's Mom Squad Luncheon

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know what a fabulous time I had at the MOM SQUAD luncheon on Saturday. I attended with my mom, sister, sister in law and neice. My husband surprised us with the tickets, and at first we weren't sure we really wanted to go. We are so glad we did, it was so wonderful meeting other women, have a hot lunch, being able to worship the Lord and we were so blessed by the speakers. We are looking forward to more opportunities to participate in mom squad events and to next years luncheon.

Mitzy said...

I had the BEST TIME at the MOMsquad Luncheon!!!.. The food was awesome ( LOVE Hartville Kitchen!), The Speakers were REALLY Great, just what I NEEDED to hear, epecially This time of year! Praise Appela, one word.. WOW !!!!..
It was just such a wonderful time to sit back, Relax, enjoy good food, friends ,music, and a time to Let all the Daily Stresses fall off, and Just have Fun!,.. Something EVERY mom needs!!!

Brooke- You did a Great Job as the
Event MC

Kristine- you were a Great Prize Princess ( Woo Hoo ! ) ..

I am Definatly going back next year!!!

Raenette said...

I attended the Mom Squad luncheon and can not begin to tell you how blessed and inspired I was. I had wanted to go but finances are tight right now being a single mom and it being the holidays. Than one Fri morning I called in for the stressed out mom and I won. God wanted me at that luncheon. I can not begin to tell you what Linda Isaiah said meant to me. It so inspired me and gave me what I needed to hear. You see I left an abusive marriage and forgiving my ex husband for what he did to me is something that is very difficult for me to do. But after hearing Linda speak I realized that is why I am not healing or moving on or counting everything all joy. And why I was bitter etc. I had to forgive as hard as it is so I could move on and heal. I needed to apologize to my children for staying as long as I did and exposing them to everything they were exposed to. I needed to apologize to others because I may have said the wrong things when I knew they were just trying to help me see the light.
Linda touched me so deeply and I felt like she was speaking to me.
I enjoyed Ashley Nemah and Praise Appela and everything at the luncheon as well. But Linda was the speaker that touched me so deeply. And if the Lord wasnt trying to tell me something-I teach a Divorce Care class at our church Sun morning. Guess what the topic was-Forgiveness. I think the Lord meant for me to be at that luncheon and His timing is perfect. I know I can begin to heal once I forgive. It will be hard but with the Lords strength I can do. COUNT IT ALL JOY

Raenette Burke Olmsted Falls Ohio

Dar Loves The Mom Squad said...

Hey Ladies (& Gents)! This is Darlene from The Mom Squad Panel. I just wanted to tell you my heart was so touched to see each and every one of you last Saturday. I truly felt the Holy Spirit move as we worshiped the Heavenly Father together and took one collective moment to destress as Moms and Mom-figures. No matter what ethnicity you are or what your denomination is, God is love and there was a lot of love in that room. Thank you for coming and God-willing we'll see you next year. I hope you enjoyed your goodies from The Gold Guys and will consider coming to see them at one of their locations and remember KHM Travel if you are considering a wonderful opportunity to make extra money and get some fabulous rates on your own person travel as an in-home travel agent. Feel free to contact me if you have questions on either opportunity or if I can help you in anyway. Keep those Blog and Forum comments coming. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Anonymous said...

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