Thursday, February 05, 2009

Coughs and Colds

Last year I heard about a home remedy that I thought was a little strange.

When your child has a cold accompanied with a croupy cough, instead of rubbing your child's chest with Vicks Vapor Rub - it was more effective to rub the bottom of his feet.

I'm all for home remedies, but this one sounded just a little too out there. Last week I had a terrible head cold and cough. I tried everything. I was sipping juice, taking over the counter cold medicine and cough syrup. I was miserable. I coughed so hard I saw stars.

Going to bed in the evening was miserable. My coughing just wouldn't stop. And sleeping...well that was impossible for both me and my husband.

Desperation set in and I finally rubbed the bottom of my feet with Vicks. It took about 15 minutes and I dozed off to silent sleep.

I suggest that you be very careful using this if your child has any type of allergies to rubs, but it may help both of you get some much needed sleep. It certainly worked for me.

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Darlene said...

hahaha My brother did this to me about 30 years ago and it really worked. My Mom also use to place a cabbage leaf on either our chest or head when we had fever. The leaves will shrivel as they appear to draw the fever out; and that seems to work too. Bless you Deb.