Saturday, April 25, 2009

Promoting courage with your children

Most parents are concerned about how their small children will face a contemporary world. We are especially worried when we see how the "innocent" is often sacrificed to promote some contemporary theory. Will our children stand strong? Will that handsome son stay true to his Christian beliefs? Will our daughter be bullied into denying her faith?

Last week Christian parents all across the country were given an object lesson for their children. Miss California, Carrie Prejean was viciously attacked for an answer to a question during the Miss USA pageant.

The blogosphere has been full of hate about her answers. She's been interviewed on most of the bigger stations. Through it all she has remained kind, understanding and courageous.

Be good to your children by discussing this issue with them. Point out that you can be classy and still stand for your beliefs. Help them to understand that she made a choice for her faith and that God will take care of her.

And if you have time, please go to this blog and leave a "positive" comment to help counteract the hateful posts on the Internet. All comments will be moderated and only "positive" ones will be posted.

Carrie has been informed about this blog. Our goal is to have one million positive comments. If your comments are longer, please send it to so it can be included as a post.


frankie said...

ok a few thing i should say about my mom/ mary is i love her and i thank her for taking me in her house thsat way i didn't go to foster and she has been so nice and i love and try my best not to get on her nerve it is kinda funny she can beat up my brother when he is mesing with me an not in the bad way i know she loves me and i just wanna say thank you Mary

frankie seghetti said...

i just wanna thank Mary and Ron for loving me and careing this much for me they realy showed love to me and want me to do my best in school and get good grades their supporting me and my sisters and brothers in school and education my older brother is off to coledge and she has always been their for all of us and every morning we here i love u do good in school and we just wanna say we love her and are always gonna be their for her if she is hurt or down just like we wer and she was hear for me so thank you and i love u GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!