Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dar Helps to Dispel the Myth....Older Adults Really ARE Returning to School More Than Ever!

I recently returned to college after 35 years, as an Online Student. I am enjoying the experience so much as I continue caring for Mom. The Online option gives me the opportunity to go to class anytime I want! I really wasn't sure if the online experience would be for me as I love interacting directly with people, but it has been great! My professors have been very encouraging and when the students want to speak directly to each other rather than online, we just call each other. I am meeting people from all over the world. My newest friend is a native of Alaska. I have now added Alaska to my Dream Trips list. If it has been your dream to return to college to complete a degree, obtain another degree or just to gain additional knowledge, now is the time! Literally, I was thinking of going back to college one day and was in college the next. You will find the following article full of great information. There are so many options. There is no need for one to to wait or feel embarrassed because of age! My daughter, Shae, said, "Just do it Mom." And I'm so glad that I took her advice. If you are interested in returning to college and wish to try the online experience, please contact Sam Thomeier
Argosy University Online Programs American School of Professional Psychology
Assistant Director of Admissions
Toll Free: 866.427.4679 ext.6267
Phone: 412.395.8267
Fax: 412.995.6091sthomeier@argosy.edu

Seniors Returning to School: Six Myths About Older Adult ...


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