Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fall Recipe Contest Winner - Kristina Fey of Akron

What a great day we had testing the three finalist in our Fall Recipe Contest.

Kristina Fey of Akron was our grand prize winner for her Pumpkin Crunch.

Here's a few pictures of the Mom Squad and The Morning Show hosts enjoying the entries.

Debbie baked the winning recipe Pumpkin Crunch by Kristina Fey of Akron. Brooke made Peter Peter's Pumpkin Dip by Annmarie Percic of Parma. Darlene made Homemade Baked Potato Soup by Kelly Milluzzi of Columbia Station.

It was yummy testing the three finalist entries. Brooke remarked that we actually had a little dinner. The Peter Peter's Pumpkin dip was our appetiser, the Baked Potato Soup was our entree and the Pumpkin Crunch was our desert.

Can you tell how good it was?

Brooke has such a beautiful smile - is it her inner beauty or the Pumpkin Crunch?

Len is pretty sure the smile is from the Pumpkin Crunch.

No..., Len!... Wait!... The Whip Cream goes on the Pumpkin Crunch!

To view all the recipes use this link...


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