Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Luncheon Instructions

The 2009 Mom Squad luncheon is almost here! The event is sold out and we are excited for the surprises, blessings and fun in store!
We'll be posting updates and info as the day gets closer so be sure to check the blog often.
Here is some general info for you:
The tickets are being mailed out this week. You should have yours by Friday. If you do no receive them by Monday, December 7, please e-mail Brooke@955theFish.com.
-The doors will OPEN at 12:30. There is no registration (we will just take your ticket) and the seating is first come, first serve. There will be no reserved seating with the exception of the entertainers, speaker, etc. We will be at full capacity in the room so please be considerate of others and patient.
-The venue is wheelchair accessible and convenient for handicapped.
Feel free to come early and shop! Hartville Collectibles will be open, as well as the bakery. For directions and hours of operation, click here.
-We expect the luncheon to conclude at roughly 3:30.
-Photographer Jamie Jansen will be located in the lobby to take professional pictures (see post below for details).
-The dress for this occasion is...whatever you are comfortable in!:) We have received questions about what to wear and the best advice is, whatever you would wear to church. You may come as dressy or casual as you would like, but note the most beautiful thing you can wear is a smile!
-If you have submitted an entry for the Willing Hands award we wholeheartedly thank you for your submission. We have selected a winner! We do have "Honorable Mention" winners as well and we will be posting those soon.
We pray that you will have a positive experience and we are delighted you will join us. We look forward to seeing you Saturday, December 12!

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