Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fitness Does Not Have to Cost A Lot

Comfortable clothing is best for indoor workouts (several layers for outdoor workouts) and you probably have something around the house already that is perfect. But one thing I recommend you invest in is a good pair of walking/workout shoes.

My favorite walking/workout shoes are made by Avia and run from $35 - $100. Danskins (Toneups), Reebok (Easytones)and Sketchers (Shapeups) all make a walking shoe that is designed to help burn more calories while toning legs and thighs. I can attest that I truly feel the difference in my legs after wearing these during a walking session. I even have a walking sandal for the warmer months. These walking/workout shoes and sandals give you the support you need and the protection your feet and joints deserve. Price Range $25 - $125.00. But of course there is a variety of brands, styles and price ranges to choose from and sales take place often.

Don't have weights yet? Use something around the house, i.e. gallon jugs of milk, detergent bottles, books, candlesticks, THE KIDS. haha.

(BTW, if you haven't visited The Good Will I think you will be pleasantly surprised to see the many wonderful donated items. I've seen walking shoes, workout clothes and equipment from $5.00, furniture and electronics in new or like new condition. You just can't beat their prices!)

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