Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tummy Tips from Trainer Sonia!

Sonia Maranville is a local personal trainer who we have enlisted to help the Mom Squad for "Get Fit" week! She will be joining us at 95.5 The Fish on Friday for a kickboxing class and tips to help care for the one and only YOU!:) If you are interested in participating in the class, please e-mail for more details.

In the meantime, Sonia has some information for easy ways to help the dreaded belly zone!....

"I always tell my people (a.k.a. clients) you don’t need to do a ton of sit-ups… “What? You’re not having me do sit ups today?” NO! No more!! Done with the sit-ups! Why you may ask? Well, when you do your exercises correctly, you don’t need to! You are activating your core muscles more by contracting them during your regular workout than doing a crunch.

Everyone has muscle in their stomach – for some people you just have to find it. Pregnancy and hysterectomies have led some women to be completely out of touch with their ab muscles.

To find them again, just say “shhh” or “Hah” then you are contracting correctly. So here’s a bonus… when you are yelling at your kids to “shh” or laughing with your kids, “hah”, then you are contracting your core muscles correctly. (You’d think we’d all have super-model flat stomachs then wouldn’t you?!?)

But it’s more than that to get rid of the Jelly Belly…

A University of Virginia Study found that women who did high-intensity workouts had significantly less belly fat than those who worked out the same amount of calories but at an easier level. For those who don’t get how intense “High intensity” is, it’s not a “La La La” stroll in the park. It’s a suck in the oxygen, feel the lungs burn, kind of exercise..

The study is a great study, but what do I have to say to it from a Personal Trainer’s point of view? The harder you work, the less belly fat you’ll have. It took a study from a major University to tell us that? I’ve been telling my clients that forever. Well, at least now I have proof!

Want to read more about the study… check it out here.

So here are my tips for the day:

1) Keep your abs tight during everything you do! (And quiet those kids if you’re not sure how.)

2) Don’t just workout. Workout HARD!!!

3) Honey, it’s cardio……not a ton of sit-ups!!!!"

For more information on how to get rid of that jelly belly roll, check out, or contact Sonia at 330-806-2452,

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Anonymous said...

What a great post! I love the shhh, hah part - that really worked.