Friday, December 24, 2010

Think Ahead - Save Money

I have been so amazed at the wonderful selection of gifts drug stores now provide. CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens all have discount cards but when you subscribe to them via e-mail, there is even MORE savings you can obtain via printable store coupons.  So gather your coupons and utilize these wonderful stores for last minute items and stocking stuffers.

Also remember the day after Christmas is the best time to obtain holiday wrapping and cards at rock bottom prices.

And last but not least, always remember that if you purchase anything, ANYTHING and it goes on sale within 7 days or so from purchase, you can still obtain the discount price by taking your receipt into the store for the adjustment. Certain stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond have wonderful return policies that go beyond 30 days. And just as with wedding gifts, if you receive something during this time of year and you desire to return it for any reason, simply let the customer service rep know it was a gift and you wish to return it for something else. If you have a gift receipt, they usually will not give you any problems returning for cash.

Blessings and MERRY CHRISTMAS. BTW, candlelight services will be taking place at churches tonight. Hope you and yours will take a moment to partake in this beautiful gathering in honor of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

People Always Ask, 'Are You Ready for Christmas?' Better yet, 'Are You Ready for JESUS?'

One of my favorite sites is WHKW's Girlfriend's In God and this is a part of their offering today. I pray you will be blessed by it. 

"Ready for Christmas," she said with a sigh

As she gave a last touch to the gifts piled high...
Then wearily sat for a moment AND READ
Til soon, very soon, she was nodding her head.
Then quietly spoke a voice in her dream,
"Ready for Christmas, what do you mean?"
She woke with a start and a cry of despair.
There's so little time and I've still to prepare.
Oh, Father! Forgive me, I see what You mean!
Yes, more than the giving of gifts and a tree.
It's the heart swept clean that He wanted to see,
A heart that is free from bitterness and sin.
So be ready for Christmas - and ready for Him.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Thanks to each and every one of you for taking the time to spend time with us. We love you and truly felt so much love in the room. Each guest was AMAZING! The games were AMAZING! The prizes were AMAZING! The food, merchandise and service via Hartville Kitchen, Candyshop & Collectibles - AMAZING! The Holy Spirit filled the place and the true spirit of Christmas was all about.

Thank you for blessing us, touching our hearts and doing what women do best, uplifting each other. We are already looking forward to seeing you at the next event! Once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR and COMFORT & JOY TO YOU AND YOURS.

Pictures will be posted soon.....sooooo stay tuned. hahaha

Friday, December 17, 2010


WOO HOO Thank you Lord for another opportunity for the ladies of The Mom Squad to gather once again, in your Name. Please bless each of our events this weekend, bless each lady as she prepares to get all of the many things that she has to do in order so that she may focus on loving herself for a moment and getting rejuvenated to continue to do all that You would have her to do. Bless each one as she travels to and from the event and by all means, bless each and every one that wanted to attend but for one reason or another could not make it this time. May there be many more events in the future. Bless our speaker, musical guests and everyone at 95.5 that worked so feverishly to create these events for us. Thank you for Hartville Kitchen and may all have a marvelous time in fellowship. In Jesus Name. Amen

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Everyone is entitled to a free annual credit report. Below I have lissted a site that is truly FREE to use and it is FREE to obtain an instant view of your credit reports from the 3 best known credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian & TransUnion. You will only be allowed to enter each bureau 1 time to obtain this free report once a year so if you wish to obtain a hard copy, utilize a computer that has a printer available. I just used the site and it is fantastic. Just follow the prompts because after each report, you must select the option "Return To Annual Credit Report" to begin the process for the next bureau,

The site to use is

Some have been fooled by the "Free Credit Report" ads via This service is NOT free.  It is a PAID service. Please do not use it unless you want the services they are offering and in exchange for paying for an annual service, they give you free credit reports.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Ladies You Deserve to Enjoy The Holidays Too...What Can You Prepare & Freeze Prior To The Big Day?

As you prepare the holiday menus, keep in mind that certain hors d'oeuvers, breads, soups and desserts, etc. can be prepared at your leisure now and frozen. That way you can spend more time enjoying other aspects of the holiday preparations and spend less time in the kitchen.

Also, keep in mind treats like Drummond Chocolates, Home of the Chocolate Pizza.  I sliced and served the Turtle Pizza and my friend served the Peanut Butter Pizza and they were a big hit on Thanksg iving Day. This is a female owned business and the owner told me she has been making chocolates for 32 years!! This pizza will be a part of every holiday celebration in the future. YUMMY.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Great Ideas from Women's World Magazine

These will make your life eaiser.

Keep baked goods fresh
Even if you don’t bake often, sometimes you need a cover to preserve a cake or cupcakes. Make your own ‘domed’ cake stand by putting the cake on a plate, then place the inverted bowl of a large salad spinner over it. If you need to carry it to a potluck, use masking tape to secure the dome.

Identifying your keys
Have trouble telling which key is which? Paint the top of your keys to match the color of the door that it opens. You’ll know instantly which one to use and won’t spend time fumbling through your key chain.

Tighten a loose knob
Do the knobs of your drawers work themselves loose? End the problem by unscrewing the knob and coating the ends of the screws with clear nail polish. Replace the knob, and it will dry snugly in place.

Speed up dusting time
When you’re dusting carved picture frames or hard-to-reach areas like light bulks, shutters or other nooks and crannies, use an empty spray bottle to get the job done fast. Just point the nozzle toward the dust and pump out air until the small particles blow away.

Friday, December 03, 2010


If you have ever been to a Mom Squad Event, you KNOW what to expect:

Great Entertainment
Great Fellowship
Great Food
Great Fun
Great Guest Speaker(s)

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you're bound to make a new friend, but above all else YOU WILL RELAX,  REJUVENATE AND RESTORE which will help you get through the days ahead. It is such a blessing to participate in these events and guess what, it would even make a great gift for you or someone you love so spread the word ladies to husbands and significant others that you would LOVE to have a ticket to a Mom Squad Event. See you there!!!  BTW, if you have never had the opportunity to attend, you won't be disappointed. We have had up to 500 ladies at some of our past events!  Tickets are going fast....You deserve this GREAT time in the Lord. The Fish loves its lady lady listeners! The Mom Squad is a Sisterhood so all ladies are welcome.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

CHECK OUT MICROCENTER FOR THE BEST DEALS ON ELECTONICS!! I have found savings of at least $100 on some items this season. And even during past shopping, I have never found a better deal from what I was looking for (desktops, laptops, accessories) any where else.  At least include them in your comparison shopping.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Think About It - Holiday Dinners May Be A Great Time For A Family Meeting

Many times it is difficult for family to get together to discuss important issues like, household projects that might need to be done for a less fortunate relative or friend, how to work together to assist a relative that just lost their job or has an upcoming surgery, group vacation ideas, caregiving needs for an elderly loved one, Wills and end of life decisions, a family business think about discussing these issues as those gather from far and near for holiday meals. It may be a wonderful time to include those that are seen only a few times a year. Though they may live out of town, they may have great ideas and others may have thoughts as to how they can be included. If you wish, send out a family e-mail prior to the gathering so that all know what to expect. This way they can gather their thoughts about the matter(s) ahead of time and in case it is one of the more unpleasant topics, no one will be surprised. One of my older relatives actually brought a box of precious jewelry to our after Thanksgiving dinner and allowed each person to select an item and distributed items that she had selected for each person to enjoy. It surprised us but at the same time, we now have a precious memory that we shared while she is still alive and in spite of a Will, it gave her peace to see the smiles on each person's face as each item was placed in the hands of those she loves.