Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Time To Take Inventory...How's the School Year Progressing Thus Far?

It is so important to take periodic inventory of our lives...inventory of self:  are we where we want to be--set goals - long and short term, examine ways old and new that can help to reach the mark. This works for every aspect of life. Maybe it is your desire to take the family on a ski trip for the holidays or reach a certain savings amount or plan a community service project with your neighbors.  Whatever it is, YOU CAN DO IT! Just do what I like to call the Pray & Plan Procedure. God will make everything work out and the Holy Spirit will guide you so that the desires of your heart that line up with His will, will work out for you, as it will glorify Him. It is nice for grownups to share with the younger generation, (be they your children or the children of others), that everything is not always easy for put forth effort and at times even you fall short, but that God is the One that helps you prepare and maneuver life's journey.

So, now getting to the specific title at hand, whether you have students in your home, are a student yourself or are a teacher/mentor of students...How's the School Year Progressing Thus Far? Take a moment to think about the following:

Are you or your student(s) beginning each day with a healthy breakfast? Granola bars, fruit, seeds, nuts, a bowl of cereal all help to get the brain ready for action and are quick and/or easy to access and digest.

Do you or your student(s) have a study plan? In other words, has a specific time and a specific place been determined and set aside for studying? This ares should have good lighting and be free of distractions. Never study on an empty stomach.

Do you or your student(s) have a study guide? In other words, is an assignment notebook being utilized and updated regularly? Are you highlighting important deadlines and do you try not to always work on assignments right down to the wire?

Do you or your student(s) have appropriate supplies on hand for the subject matter at hand? Even in studying the Bible, it is wonderful to have a dictionary, concordance and periodicals that help to dive deeper into the subject matter.

If necessary, do you take the time to re-read material that is difficult for you? Do you take notes so that any questions can be addressed appropriately? Do you seek help in a timely manner so the difficulty does not turn into an insurmountable situation?

Are materials regarding the subject matter being kept neatly and orderly in a folder or binder? I like color coordinating by subject matter but however you choose to organize is fine. Keeping paperwork organized eliminates stress!

You can't go wrong taking periodic inventory of self and your situation. Asking God to come along side you in this effort is key. You may be surprised by some of the revelations and by just how much more you, your students and/or your family begin to accomplish by doing so.