Monday, January 21, 2013

Pray for Our Country

As we go forth today to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King and to honor our country by praying for and supporting the office of President of the United States, let us remember the principles our great country was founded upon:  ONE NATION UNDER GOD....LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. 

Let us not take these principles for granted.  It takes the will of God, the equipping from God and the strength of the Holy Spirit to stand up for liberty and justice.  Even if you do not agree specifically with certain decisions made by our government officials, let us pray for them, as they have taken upon their shoulders a mighty burden on our behalf.  Let us pray for God to grant them wisdom, and let us pray that they will draw upon godly principles to interact appropriately, respectfully and unselfishly.  They are making great sacrifices on our behalf in an effort to try to make things better for the masses. 

Let us pray for their protection and do our best to uphold the integrity that the Heavenly Father would want us to uphold for these United States of America.  I pray daily for the safety of our President and his family and over the years have thought about how difficult it must have been for Dr. King and his wife and children.  How difficult it continued to be once he was taken from them...from all of us.  Let us continue to even lift up the remaining King Family and to truly appreciate the great lengths Dr. King went to for the betterment of justice for all of mankind.  Let us lift up President Obama and his wife and family this day.

Have a blessed and wonderful day and I hope you will do something to serve your community.  There are many, many events scheduled today all over in honor of the Martin Luther King holiday and their are satellite Inaugural Balls taking place as well.  Partake and enjoy this wonderful day that God has made with your family and friends. 


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