Sunday, April 13, 2014

Image of God Women's Conference

     The theme for this year's Image of God Conference was "NO MATTER WHAT."  This was a wonderful day, an uplifting day and a day of renewal.  As a mom, it is always nice to sort of take a day with some girl friends and go and "recharge your battery."  In this case our Spiritual battery was charged up. 
     My memory is quite bad for some reason,(half-heimerz :) ) , because I went last year and forgot how although your Spirit is recharged, your tear ducts are literally drained by the time you leave at the end of the day.  I don't know if it was because I am a sensitive person, but each of the speakers, touched my heart and the tears continued to flow, all day long!  No wonder in our goodie bag there was a pack of tissues! :)
     I have been so excited about this day for months, I was going to see my sister Mom Squad peeps, these are some of the most wonderful, sweet and Godly women. Each and every one is very special to me. Although we have not known each other for long, I see that God has put us together.   Not all of the mom squad was able to be there and we really missed them!  I truly enjoy spending time with each and every one of them.
     Also, I was going to meet BLAIR from one of my childhood favorite television programs, "The Facts of Life" (Lisa Whelchel).  As you know my name is Lisa too, and I was so excited to have a conversation with her, how my name was Lisa too! But instead, the moment she was getting ready to sign my book and take a picture with me I was like, "Hi."  That's it! Nothing else! "Hi" what a bummer. What was wrong with me??? I don't know what I thought we would talk about, but "Hi" was not really what I had been thinking about when I first knew that I was going to meet her. She is a very sweet lady and a very good speaker. Her life story was interesting and she spoke about how she had built a wall for many years that was like plexi-glass where she could see and hear her loved one's but for some reason she could feel. She lived like this for many years, but said that God had spoken to her that it was ok, to let the wall come down. One of her most interesting stories was when she had gone to an all day scrap booking thing and her nine year old called and said that she had to get home right away because her dad was taking Christmas tree lights off the roof and had fallen off. When she got there the police and paramedics were there and the paramedic said that her husband would be all right, he had broken his arms and leg. She said, "Once I knew he was ok, I ran inside and got my camera." She came out and started taking pictures so that she could put them in a scrap book for later. She told us how her daughter was horrified and said, " mama why are you taking pictures at a time like this and Lisa answered, "so we can have this memory of the day that God was going to perform a miracle on your daddy and put him back together." She told us this story to reiterate the fact that she wasn't feeling, she was like an "outsider looking in."  The theme of the day continued on of "No matter what because she was basically saying that God is always there for us and knows our needs.
    The music was really great! Jaime Jamgochian did a great job with the Praise and Worship music, she shared her story that when she was little, her second grade teacher told her parents that although she was a nice girl, that she wouldn't amount to much due to her challenges in her academics.  She told us about how when she discovered music, so much opened up for her and she knew that God had big things planned for her.  She was also an example of  No matter what anybody says, God is in control! Kerrie Roberts was the musical performer and she was really good! Her music was modern and up beat and everybody really enjoyed her performance. 
    Danita Harris, from Cleveland News Channel 5 was the first speaker at the conference and she was energetic and awesome! She started out, what was to be a very emotional and powerful day. She had everybody get up and think of something that was on our hearts that hurt us or that we might be ashamed of and then we stepped all over it and let it go!  She started off the day of , No matter what! God is good, God is in control and God loves and forgives us!
     Linda Isaiah, was one of the speakers as well and if you ever get a chance to see her YOU MUST!!! She is actually going to be at the Mom Squad luncheon in May! Please come if you can because, for me, she is one of my favorite Women's speakers.  She will have you laughing, crying, and laughing and crying at the same time. She will tell you like it is, she wont sugar coat things. She told us when we have a problem or circumstance that is hurting us, "To grieve it and leave it!" That is what I love about her she is real, you can relate to her and I just cannot say enough about how great I think that this woman is, she is a true Woman of God! I just love her! I wanted to talk to her, but there were so many people that needed to speak with her that needed her prayer, so I figured I would talk to her at the Mom Squad Luncheon. 
     Brooke Taylor did a wonderful job as the M.C. for a wonderful, powerful day. She is a wonderful and Godly mother,  and friend!  I can tell you her make-up stayed on way better than mine! LOL  I liked what she had told us that she says she will say, when things are overwhelming and she has one nerve left, like all of us find ourselves to say "JENGA WHICH STAND FOR JESUS, EVERLASTING,NOBLE, GOD , ALMIGHTY!" I LOVE THAT!

     Chick- Fil-A sponsored are lunch and it was very delicious! :)

  I took away some great advice and know that "No matter what!" God loves us, forgives us and wants us to be examples and help to each other. When I face challenges and circumstances, I have to remember that God is in control and we should not worry, no matter what! Sometimes this is easier said than done, but at least I know that through prayer and faith that "No matter what" God is good and God will take care of me, but most of all GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU AND LOVES YOU! YOU ARE WORTHY, YOUR ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE AND NO MATTER WHAT BELIEVE THAT!!!!


God Bless! :)

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Kathleen Horvath said...

Thank you, Lisa for the recap and pictures. There was so much to take in that I forgot some of the important items you mentioned. Maybe you could post the pictures in an album on Facebook. Love you sister!